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Dear Readers,

Today I want to discuss and define what exactly development and advancement are and how they relate to higher education institutions.

Development, according to is, “the total process by which an organization increases public understanding of its mission and acquires financial support for its programs.” So in other words, development is the process in which an organization, in our case, a higher education institution, gains financial assistance and funding from donors through awareness and fundraising efforts from a particular department. Most of these departments are known as, developmental offices, alumni and advancement offices, development and advancement offices and donor relations offices.

Advancement, according to is, “process of building awareness and support from all constituent bodies and the programs within an institution that relate to its constituency, including development, public relations, and government relations.” Advancement, in my opinion is a bit more complicated than development. Again, institution in our case being a higher education institution, so a college, and all of these offices still apply here accordingly. In common knowledge, Advancement often means a progression or step forward. So in an advancement office their job in a college would be to create a campaign, for example. To fundraise for the college, or to create a particular college fund for certain scholarships or for certain departments to, in turn gain money back for the college. Basically, the advancement office and it’s employees are the bees of a hive, in finding and creating ways to bring money, or pollen, back to┬áthe college.

In conclusion to this short blog, development and advancement are the glue or in reference back to a hive, the honey that hold together these institutions. These two terms are what keep a college going and without them I am unsure as to how an institution, such as a college, could find the large amounts of money that it gets from alumni, parents and donors to keep its doors open and to keep it alive and thriving.


Quick preview for my next blog post, a response to an article on Fundraising, development and Advancement, what they all mean, how they all work together and how they are all different in, “Fundraising. Development. Advancement. What does it all Mean?”